Discover beauty,

practicality, and elegance with the Lenna Brunel utility patented handbag hanger.

Diamond Dressed

The Diamond Dressed Handbag Hanger, crafted in New York City.
Each individual gem was carefully chosen and expertly transformed into a work of art.
39.35 CT total weight
F-G Color
VS2 Clarity
3390 individual stones

Brand Story

Lenna has been a professional songwriter for many years. While writing for a French music publisher and living in Paris, she found the tiny café tables too small for her yellow legal writing pads, pencils, and her handbag. Paris is where her idea was born.

Several years of creative thinking and execution have gone into Lenna Brunel Handbag Hanger Design. From its’ inception in 2004 to the granting of the utility patent in 2013, to the product design, engineering, and several international trips to refine her concept, this elegant new product is finally available for you and your handbag to enjoy.

Luxury handbag hanger
New York, NY
Miami, Florida
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